Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My intentions were to have this blog up and running by the time we moved, however since I am a procrastinator I am creating it while we are on the first leg of our trip in the Indy airport. All I have to say is thank you snow (and mom) without you we wouldn't be here 3 hours before our flight! When we were planning this trip it never crossed our minds that there would be snow and ice - go figure - so we are lucky that our plane is on time... so far :)

Above is a picture of Zac with our carry-on luggage. We ended up checking 6 huge bags - each over the 50 pound limit, but the nice Frontier ladies didn't mind that one was 97lbs. As the lady at the check-in counter said "We made Frontier very rich today" with all the luggage we checked-in. When we pulled up to the Indy Airport there was a random man that helped with our luggage (more to the story, but in true Seinfeld fashion) yada, yada, yada he was unhappy I only tipped him $3, he told me he wanted more than $4.

Our experience so far has been wonderful with Frontier since we got exit row seats without even having to ask - thank you Zac for being tall. Hopefully our exit row luck will continue when we check in to Air Pacific at LAX - if not then the ride from LAX to Fiji will be a long one.