Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My intentions were to have this blog up and running by the time we moved, however since I am a procrastinator I am creating it while we are on the first leg of our trip in the Indy airport. All I have to say is thank you snow (and mom) without you we wouldn't be here 3 hours before our flight! When we were planning this trip it never crossed our minds that there would be snow and ice - go figure - so we are lucky that our plane is on time... so far :)

Above is a picture of Zac with our carry-on luggage. We ended up checking 6 huge bags - each over the 50 pound limit, but the nice Frontier ladies didn't mind that one was 97lbs. As the lady at the check-in counter said "We made Frontier very rich today" with all the luggage we checked-in. When we pulled up to the Indy Airport there was a random man that helped with our luggage (more to the story, but in true Seinfeld fashion) yada, yada, yada he was unhappy I only tipped him $3, he told me he wanted more than $4.

Our experience so far has been wonderful with Frontier since we got exit row seats without even having to ask - thank you Zac for being tall. Hopefully our exit row luck will continue when we check in to Air Pacific at LAX - if not then the ride from LAX to Fiji will be a long one.


  1. trying to figure this out. glad you got to airport safe.

  2. hi guys!! I am so excited for you and what a fabulous idear (get it?…I think you'll be hearing that kind of stuff a lot) to be blogging about it.
    Aunt Mimi

  3. Hi guys. We're waiting hear how the rest of your trip went. Hopefully, well! We are looking forward to following along on this blog.
    Love ya- Ma and Pa

  4. So i'm curious to know if you guys actually got off the ground or not, as meg and i are still iced in our apartment in Cape. We haven't had school since Monday! Anyways, my favorite part about your blog thus far is the about me section. Nice touch with the athlete study hall, as i participated in that at SEMO as well. However, after reading your inspiring story, i am now thinking that i should have spent a little more time in there with the potential of getting a lover. hope to hear from you guys soon! ciao!

  5. Zac & Cassie, Glad your mom sent us this site to keep in touch. We hava a favorite bartender who is going to New Zealand in March and staying until June. We might have to have him hook up with you. He's planning on working in a vineyard to start his trip. Hope you are on the ground and are having a great time so far. Love Uncle Joe & Tami :)