Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Feliz Navidad!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! So we have gotten a few requests to post some pics to show what our Thanksgiving was like... so here is how it went...

Here's our spread... looks pretty good huh?? It was pretty awesome!

Dessert! Pumpkin pie and pecan pie (From Scratch!)... yes they tasted as good
as they look!

These are a few of the Thanksgiving virgins we had on our hands... they loved it and couldn't understand why their country (Zimbabwe - the 3 guys on the left) didn't have a holiday where you are supposed to eat as much as possible!

Last but not least here is our mini (4 ft high) Christmas tree...


  1. well... looks like a blast! Except, i win. My tree is smaller :) but it does have ornaments on it.