Saturday, March 21, 2009


We went downtown this morning/afternoon to get some bagels! We found a great place - it's no BBC in B-town, but good! So i decided to take a picture of the fountain outside the bagel place that is in the square. I should take one when it is dark because it is so pretty, but still it's a great place to sit for awhile under a tree. Today in the square they were have an international food festival and the American table had hot dogs - disappointing, I was hoping for some fried chicken or BBQ, but we settled for ice cream instead.

This is a picture of the library - which is my lifeline these days - it's not the best library, but it works and you can rent some pretty good movies!

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  1. Hi Guys,
    We missed talking with you this weekend. We got the girls delivered back to St. Louis. We enjoyed their visit.
    It looks so beautiful in Palmerston North. We can't wait to visit- it will be a while though.
    Zac- I am sending b-day package tomorrow.
    Love you-