Monday, March 23, 2009


We are pretty happy with the movies that come out here - some release dates are later than the states, some are the same, and some not at all, but I tend to make Zac go to a lot of movies - he will be happy when I have someone go see chick flicks with me! This is a our American movie theater (it is on top of a plaza), they do have European films at another theater, but we haven't been there, I am not too keen on subtitles.

This past weekend we went to see Duplicity - it was really good and Julia looked gorgeous during the whole film - we both really enjoyed it!

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  1. hummm... sounds interesting! Thanks for educating our brother and making him more of a man. I love Julia Roberts, but i have recently found a new interest in Anne Hathaway as i indulged in her Oscar nominated performance in Rachel Getting Married. You should defiantly watch it, and make Zac watch it too. I'm happy that Independent movies are making such great strides! I have yet to see Slumdog Millionaire, but it's on my list of urgent things to do this weekend.