Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! So Easter is a major holiday down here... schools get 2 weeks off (mid-semester break), both Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays and on Good Friday and Easter Sunday nothing is open. So since we had a 4 day weekend we had a chance to go to the beach, Wellington, and a basketball game! So check out the pics...

One thing that we did that is not documented in the pics is we went to a professional basketball game... the Manawatu Jets! Let's just put it this way... it is not the highest quality basketball and they play (the word play is used loosely) in a high school gym. But it was a good time and we will probably do it again. Unfortunately, I (Zac) forgot the camera and you can't actually see what it was like.

This is the colossal squid... it is at Museum of New Zealand in Wellington... it is the largest squid known. It weighs something like 1000 lbs and its eyes are the size of a soccer ball. It was caught south of NZ near Antarctica (I think). It is pretty sweet, and the rest of the museum is pretty cool too.

Well as you can see this is me in front of Mac's Brewery (killer pose, huh?)... Mac's is a NZ brewing company. It is probably the best beer we've had over here... it is pretty good (not great).

That is Cassie sitting on a blanket reading on the beach... way down there by our car.

We spent a day at the beach just hangin' out, so I climbed one of the dunes and took these pics. I thought they were pretty cool

This should be an advertisement for the late nineties Honda Civic Hatchback... The beach here is pretty cool... you can drive on it!

Alright, until next time. Happy Easter!

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