Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Entertainment!!

For a girl whose athletic prowess includes making a boy cry (4th grade basketball) and playing collegiate soccer, I believe that I may have seen one of Cassie's more awesome moments...

So on Sundays Cassie plays on a women's soccer team here in Palmy. They won 4 -3 which is great, and Cas had a goal (the winning one!) and 2 assists (I think), so she played really well... however, the awesomest thing happened though.

So midway through the second half one of Cassie's teammates went into a tackle with number 11 on the other team and fell over the ball. Well, instead of trying to kick the ball this number 11 started to kick Cas's teammate and yelled at her to get off the ball. Needless to say Cassie was in the area and came to her teammates rescue. Cassie accidentally on purpose clipped the girl's ankles while number 11 was kicking her teammate. Number 11 did not like this and decided to punch Cassie in the face. Cas did not take to this and as number 11 was walking away she grabbed number 11's jersey and threw a few haymakers. By this time Cassie's coach broke up the fight...

The funniest thing about this is that the ref saw none of this, so no cards were handed out and they both got to play the rest of the game (she was not the best of ref's and was friends with the other team). Also this league has girls from 18 to 40+, so number 11's mom was on the sidelines and started talking s**t to Cas (the 'grown women') about how she was picking fights with girls (18 yr olds). Cassie made sure to remind the mother that she probably should have raised her daughter not to pick fights and punch people, and that if she wasn't old enough to take it she shouldn't be on the field.

Besides Cassie getting mad props from her teammates for getting into a fight for protecting her teammate, there are a few other things we can take away from this...
1) You can fight in soccer games in NZ and not get thrown out
2) Girl fights here do not include: slapping, hair pulling, scratching, or any other cat like fighting sounds or tactics... when they fight they get after it
3) A knot on the head (see pics... I think they turned out ok)
5) and last but not least... Cassie's first appearance in a picture on the blog!!


  1. Cassie had already told me the story and I still found myself laughing, not so much at Cassie's wound as much as the entire story, especially the part about the ref ... missing the fight and not giving out any cards!

  2. Cas, well played. I espeically liked the part about you telling the "mom" off. you can be on my team any day. too bad you werent w/ James, Veronica et I at Kilroys a week ago friday...

  3. i think i just pissed my pants laughing so hard! only you cass, only you!

    what's funny is that i had a bump in the same place on my head a few weeks ago, but it was because i ran into my own teammate during my indoor game. man, i wish i had been there to see all of this!!! this is just freaking great!

  4. thanks guys- well it is par the course. i am not doing a very good job showing all the kiwis that us American's aren't hot tempered!!

  5. Ouch- looks painful! I'm sure the other gal looks worse:) We were thinking rugby in your future?

  6. should definitely start playing Rugby! :)

  7. HA HA cas i just have to tell u that this is our favorite story to tell everybody right now!! the family really enjoyed it at the bongers reunion! HA HA