Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Science and Orange Juice

I (Zac) have been a subject in a few studies both at IU and since arriving down here... however, as a participant I have never encountered as fun a study as the one I am participating in. I know it is sort of dorky to post this but I figured I would share... so here is the story...

Rugby players are infamous for their drinking habits. They play a game and are seen starting fights at the pub later that night. So this study looks at the effects of alcohol on muscle recovery (obviously a hot topic around here)!

So yesterday after a battery of tests, and working my right leg so hard that I can't walk normally (I actually almost collapsed half a dozen times today), I got to drink screwdrivers!! Actually I drank 1 double (two shots of vodka, the rest O.J.) every 15 min for an hour and a half. After about an hour, lets just say it was a pretty good time.

The only bad thing is that in three weeks I have to do it all over again and just drink O.J. afterwords... oh well you can't win them all....

This is Bob, he is a grad student in nutrition/physiology, and he was my drinking buddy during the study. He is "damaging" his left leg, by doing 300 leg curls... sort of.

This is what his legs looked like when he was finished "damaging" his leg... it is a bit swollen, huh?

This is about half way through the drinking... the jug was full with screwdriver.

Success!!! The jug is gone!!

I figured most of you at IU would appreciate this! Nothing quite like combining 2 all-time favorites... science and... orange juice...

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  1. Zac I didnt even make it through the entire thing before I called James over to read this. (Then laughed et shook my head as I continued reading.) Do you guys need him to come down et be a subject? =)