Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Since everyone has been asking to see pictures of the apartment here it is!! I am not sure if people want to see the apartment itself or the fact that apartments are the one thing we were extremely taken back by and we were so vocal about our surprise! As you can see we need to put up more pictures because the walls are bare, but that will come with time! Our address is below and it is written as you would address the envelope.

5/16 Freyberg St
Palmerston North 4414
New Zealand

The 5/16 means we live at 16 Freyberg st in flat number 5 ... in case anyone was wondering! More outside pictures to come, but today is raining so we couldn't take any.

So below is the first bedroom. It is actually the biggest, but it is right off the front door so we are using it as a closet and bike room so we don't have to trek the bikes to the back bedroom. I use the closet in this room. Also you can see our classy dresser, but this is actually the easiest and the cheapest way to get all our clothes organized. We are finding that furniture is pretty expensive, so this works while we are here!

This is the living room. We really need to put something on the walls here because we spend most of our time here. We only have a love seat and a chair, but since there are so many doors, I am not sure if we could have fit in a bigger couch.

This is the bathroom. It is pretty small, but works and by far the nicest and cleanest bathroom we saw.

This is the back bedroom, the room we sleep in. The room is not very big so we only have our queen bed and Zac uses the closet in this room for the things that need to be hung up. I wished that we had a different color duvet cover, but I am so glad I brought all our linens here. We found they are really expensive for the good sheets - and many (especially the people I have bought them for) know how I feel about Egyptian cotton sheets and nice linens!!

And here is the kitchen. All the kitchens we saw were small - also they don't come with fridges or microwaves, so we had to buy one. As you can tell the fridge is small -all fridges are smaller than the ones in the states, Kiwis go the grocery more frequently. At the back of the kitchen is a nice deck. We tend to eat mostly out here. we are on the 2nd floor and the desk is the best part of the apartment by far!

Oh yes and something else great are the laundry facilities. We have 4 washers and 1 dryer (if we want). The back common area is all clothes lines so right now we opt for that instead of the dryer. Also not to mention that dryer costs money.


  1. just realized I can access this site from work!! I will catch up over the next 3 days. Cas thought of you sat night-went to a art exhibit et the painter painted tons of shoes/heels in tons of colors. the weekend before went to cresent doughnut et went to big breakfast w/o you two. it was sad et wierd. especially doughnuts.

  2. Looks like a great place to live. You and Zach seem to have settled in. Thanks for your address. Do you have email yet? Cell phone? Talk with you soon. Love Dad

  3. I'm glad you took a picture of Zac standing in the kitchen because that really puts the size into perspective!

  4. I agree with Kristin - the picture with Zac puts it all in perspective!

  5. Blair stated that Zac is going to have to go on a diet due to the fact your fridge is so small...once again not my comment. I love the place, especially the back patio....very cute. Love the furniture in the living room, much like Blair and I when we first lived in dallas, it only took about 6+ months until we realized that cuddling on a love seat is a little difficult. Miss ya!

  6. Zac, we thought of "Elf" when we saw the picture in the kitchen. Place looks nice- and almost ready for company?