Friday, February 20, 2009

Massey University

So I finally made it up to Massey the other day - it is about a 30 bike ride from our apartment, but the ride is along the river and very pretty. Massey is a very beautiful campus - a lot of trees and many trails.

This is the road into Massey - the university is built on the circle.

Throughout the campus there are so many trails. Here a few of them. It's really cool you can take a trail between buildings or to the parking lot.

They have a million rugby fields - you can't really see all of them in the picture.

These are some of the dorms - I thought they looked cool because seem like bungalows.

This is the center of campus. In front is the student center - there is a bank, coffee shops, a pharmacy and lot of other things. Everywhere on campus they have so many trees.

Here is Zac in his office. He shares it with 5 other people but only on person, Rachel is the only one who is there often. I am actually going to start playing in a soccer league with Zac's office mate Rachel.

Thanks Kristin here pictures you sent!!


  1. How pretty! If I went to school there, I would never want to go to class. I'd want to wander on all of those trails!

    Zac needs some pictures or something in his office. Those are some bare walls.

    I like your picture collage. I'm sure I'll send you more ... sooner than later.

    Love you!

  2. and Brad said- formerly "the 'rents".

    Campus is impressive with all the greenery. We'd give anything to see green. We appreciate the picts of Massey- the dorms do seem like bungalows. Very different- but welcoming!

    Soccer sounds like fun- next venture is rugby, right Cassie?

  3. Yes Zac's office was bare and hot- no air conditioning in his building - but that really goes for NZ. Also Zac is a "low-lighter" so the lights were off - I am not a "low-lighter" it makes me tired :)

  4. woah... i really like that campus! I would feel like i'm always working out going to class. Soccer sounds fun Cassie, re-live those glory days!

    cool office Zac. That's a pretty big one compared to your last one! But, just to remind you, i will have a real job before you :)

    miss you guys!