Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Waitangi Day!!

So today is Waitangi Day in NZ - below is the link to Wiki for the explanation, but basically it is their independence day (and you know how much i love Wiki, since he is the smartest person I know :))

The majority of kiwis are on holiday today and we took advantage of the free concert the city center. They have numerous games and inflatable activities for the kids (Cate and Milla would have had a great time)! It was a good time, but we used Toby's (Zac's advisor) car for the day to run errands. We found a place similar to Lowe's and Home Depot that was right next to our place - it was great!!

This is one on the many exhibits.

This is the concert stage, we didn't stay for the main act, but we saw some good local talent.

Since 1 in 4 people in NZ get skin cancer the cancer society had these stations for free sun screen. I should have used more because I ended up getting burnt. Even though is was only in the high 70's today when the sun is out it is so hot because of the thinness of the ozone layer directly over

Here is a picture of the booths and such.

Here is the entrance to the center.


  1. that looks like fun! I guess you know when to throw the annual Zac Fest now...considering it's independence day for them. Kudos to them for preventing skin cancer. Don't feel bad Cas, u know i would be in the same paleness situation. (actually prolly worse, seeing that i'm taller, and therefore closer to the sun than you.)

  2. It looks like an awesome party. I thought of you on Friday due to the fact it was on my calendar that it was your independence day in New Zealand....I love the pics!
    FYI: You should buy stock in sunscreen, it seems like it will always be in business down under.

  3. or maybe we all should buy stock in sunscreen (let us know which brand) since Cas will be there for 4 years.