Thursday, February 5, 2009


Zac finally got his bike yesterday, I got mine last week because I bought a used bike so now we both have transportation. Today was my first real experience of riding with all the "stuff" I bought, if I only had a picture. My basket was full, my back pack was full and I had a big bag full of pillows around my wrist - and the worst part was the wind - people were laughing at me trying to get all the stuff home. It is a really good thing that we only live about 8 minutes from the city center. Zac went to Massey today and the ride was about 30 mins or so, but he doesn't mind because it will be good excerise and a nice ride along the river.

So here are the bikes. You can see that both have kick stands and I have a really cool basket! We are both out of cycling shape, but we are getting more comfortable by the day.

Zac's Bike.

Cassie's bike.

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  1. Oh, I definitely wish you had a picture of you riding with all that stuff! But, hey, you made it safely AND made your apartment more comfortable! :)