Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today we went tramping (kiwi word for hiking) .. well we actually just walked on the trail, but we have some cool pictures to share. We are noticing that the pictures are not doing NZ justice because every where you look it is amazing and the pictures are capturing it the way it should.

This is actually the outside of our apartment building.

Our apartment is the top one on the left.

This is a view from the window.

And another view from the window - this is the downtown.

Below are pictures from the trail.

You can't see the windmills all that clearly in this picture but they are there. They use windmills to power all of this region - they are pretty cool!

The trail run along the river and it is the same trail Zac takes to Massey.

We wanted to see how deep the water in the river is and Zac got into it, not too deep, but really cold - he's a trooper!


  1. Looks a very nice place to live. Thanks for sharing. The pictures a great. Love dad

  2. Your apartment building is cute and has a great view. Enjoy yourselves!

  3. gewwww a picture of Zac with his shirt off!

  4. How beautiful!

    What a great opportunity you all have--i'm so jealous! ;)

  5. your zip code, I dont' think is correct. I was going to send something.

    5/6 freyberg st.
    palmerston north 4414( needs to be 5 digit)
    new zealand


  6. The picts look great- I understand what you mean by a "rural" feel. Looks relaxing and peaceful- and warm! Cassie, it's about your time to be in a pict, right?

  7. Hey man I was recently looking up things and did you guys know that Lord of the Rings was filmed there? I'm sure you guys didn't know that so that should be cool :) The ceilings look a little short for Zac but it looks nice and homey. I hope all continues to go well. Thanks for keeping us posted and I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  8. Yeah Zac wanted to take off his shirt because it was a Murray State shirt - super cheesy!!!

    Also the zip code is correct they only use 4 digits here.